Sex Toys, & Personal Lubricants

This is a complicated and diverse topic. We will try to explain it as best we can within the confines of a single article. There are plenty of sex toys for both men and women. They have a numerous amount of uses. They can be used to increase masturbation pleasure, train yourself for more stamina, or heighten sex. When used in conjunction with a good lubricant you can be sure to have an explosive orgasm.

Sex Toys

There are so many different toys out there from dildos, to butt plugs and even fleshlights or vaginal sleeves.


The dildo has been around for thousands of years. They’ve been dated back to pre-BC times. It is the quintessential thing we think of when we consider sex toys. They are typically a phallic shaped object which is used to penetrate the vagina or anus. Used by both men and women for masturbation and sex. They come in all types of sizes from very small to very, very large. Most people opt for a small version during initial experimentation. Over time you may add greater sizes and even vibrators to the mix.


The best fleshlight will give men the opportunity to get themselves off like never before. They look similar to a vagina and are used by inserting your penis in them over and over. They come in a variety of different looks from a woman’s mouth, anus, or vagina. You can even get a larger version which has an entire woman’s bottom.

They also come in a variety of different texture sleeves. From silky smooth, extra-tight, and even crazy textures that will drive your penis wild. You will have amazing orgasms over and over again. To be perfectly honest sometimes they can feel even better than a vagina. Furthermore you can get a stamina training unit or STU for short to help you train your endurance and stamina. Allowing you to last longer in bed. There also great for travel when you’re on the road and need to get yourself off. If masturbation is normally a 1/10 experience and sex is 10/10 then fleshlights are a solid 8/10. Do yourself a favor and get one. Even if your a woman and considering purchasing one for your man. It’s well worth it as you can get them off easier.

Personal Lubricants

Personal lubricants have many uses. They can aid in masturbation and with using toys such as dildos and fleshlights and vagina sleeves. When looking for a good lube be it for anal or your toys you want something either silicone or water based. They are perfectly skin and toy safe, inexpensive, and long lasting. Water based has a great and light texture. Silicone based is more thick giving it more glide but is not great for oral.

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