AngelusFoundation was created to give young adults and parents accurate and up to date information on sex and sexual education. We have seen an increase in promiscuity but sexual education has stagnated or in some cases, even gotten worse. This is at the cost of young people who need to understand how and what they are feeling. They need to be taught basic biology to understand what their bodies are going through. Furthermore they need to understand that there are potential consequences to actions, especially regarding sex.

We hope to explain a few different key categories for parents. To help give you the opportunity to understand the different emotions your children may be experiencing. To also help you understand the sexual culture of the newer generations of people.

We will also list out different websites on sex toys and their safe use. Would you rather your child purchase one without you knowing, use it improperly and possibly hurt themselves. There is also the prospect of purchasing an unsafe product that uses harsh chemicals such as China. Or they could get themselves in trouble by using back-alley methods of purchasing sex products in the first place. Condoms, toys, and personal lubricants should all be things you speak with them about. Before you can do this however, you need to know about them yourselves.

This is of course mainly for westerns are other parts of the world have a vastly different cultures and sub-cultures.

Here is a list of what we hope to accomplish.

  1. Give clear information on the biological changes that occur in the bodies of young adults.
  2. Being sex positive and why it’s important
  3. Condoms, sex toys, personal lubricants
  4. Staying safe

Hopefully following reading our website you will be able to give your children the information they need to have success and be fully functioning adults. Sex will continue to be a large and healthy part of their life and it is your responsibility to equip them with the best resources and products!